JSC Knife #366(b) - The Scorpion

The Scorpion

The Scorpion A powerful full tang hunting knife having an excellent grip on the handle. 22 cm. long. Turkish walnut has an appealing color and is suitable for the checkered design that provides the basis for the excellent grip. Turkish walnut is very often used as the wooden part of a hunting gun where you […]

JSC Knife #369(b) - The Trophy

The Trophy

The Trophy A medium size hunting knife decorated with two scrimshaw images framed by two pieces of reindeer horn with file work. 23 cm. long. For a long time I had avoided trying my hand at making scrimshaw in color. But curiosity won me over: it was going to be now or never. The drawings […]

The Square

The Square This large yet compact folding knife was a custom creation for the 2018 Ludvika Show in Sweden, where it won 1st prize in the Folding Knives Category. The idea was to create a handy hunting tool with a slip joint locking system, and a small, built-in finger stop to avoid physical injury if […]

The Sambar

The Sambar A slim and compact folding knife with natural white sambar deer handle, stainless Damascus steel blade in rose pattern, leather sheath. Slip joint locking. 19 cm. long. This elegant folding knife was created to be part of a series of slim designs totaling three knives with similar looks but distinctly different handles. The […]