Knife Handles

A knife handle must feel solid to grasp, be comfortable to hold, and emit a sense of purpose. This requires a natural and anatomically correct form combined with appropriate materials. Careful consideration in this important process results in a knife handle that is practical, beautiful and in complete harmony.

Handle materials are divided into six main categories: tusk, hardwood, horn, antlers, bolsters, and spacers. In reality, the list of suitable materials is endless and only limited by the imagination.

Tusks include mammoth from Siberia, Canada and the North Sea, walrus from Greenland and Norway, and narwhale from Greenland. All tusk products available on JSC Knifeart are in compliance with the Washington Convention.

Hardwoods vary from amboyna sourced in Indonesia, masur birch from Norway and Russia, bruyere from the Mediterranean area, Danish bog oak, snakewood from Vietnam, desert iron wood found in Arizona, and ebony from Cameroon.

Horn includes African or Indian buffalo, musk ox found in Greenland, and African cow horn.

Antlers are frequently sourced from Swedish elk, or reindeer from Greenland, Norway, and Sweden.

Bolsters and spacers are used sparingly but with stunning visual effect. The materials include sterling silver, bronze, German silver, and tin.