The Scorpion

A powerful full tang hunting knife having an excellent grip on the handle. 22 cm. long.

JSC Knife #366(b) - The Scorpion

Turkish walnut has an appealing color and is suitable for the checkered design that provides the basis for the excellent grip. Turkish walnut is very often used as the wooden part of a hunting gun where you have the same need for a reliable grip. The scrimshaw area consists of two small pieces of reindeer horn with just enough space for two small scorpions as dangerous as the knife is sharp. To protect the knife blade I made a new type of sheath with a better fit around the knife itself. As sheath decoration I added a delicate piece of lizard skin.

Knife blade: Stainless steel RWL34. Length 8 cm.
Metal grinder: Jørn Sønderskov Christensen
Knife handle: Turkish walnut, reindeer horn
Knife sheath: Hard compressed leather, lizard skin
Date created: December 2020
Item identifier: Model no. 366

This knife is FOR SALE, please contact me for details.