Knife Blades

The blades used for all products available on JSC Knifeart are produced by the most skilled smiths and grinders in Scandinavia. Each blade is carefully selected based on design aesthetics, functionality, and the desired look of the final product. All blades are hardened to 58-63 degrees on the Rockwell C scale.

Various knife blades

There are several different types of blades, as illustrated here:

  • Laminated blades consist of three layers of steel arranged so the outer sides protect the hardened carbon steel core. The surface is available in two finishes:  1) Ground and polished to an almost mirror-like surface; or 2) a hammered and polished surface.
  • Carbon steel blades vary widely depending on the blade maker’s preferred steel type. The surface finish options are same as above.
  • Forged Damask steel is made from two different types of carbon steel forged together in a specific number of layers.
    Creative options include twisting the steel between each fold, poking holes, bending, or even adding nickel to the steel to create unique patterns.
  • Stainless steel without pattern is another option. The blades are cut from a high-alloyed stainless steel sheet made specially for hardening. The selected steel specifications vary from one blade maker to another; my blade preference is either 12 C27 or RWL34.
  • Powder-forged Damask steel, which mostly includes blades made from Söderfors quality RWL34/PMC27.
  • Full Tang blades are frequently made from stainless steel 12C27 or RWL34.