The Acanthus

A Norwegian-inspired Samic hunting knife with the unique Acanthus leaves engraved on the handle and sheath. 25 cm. long.

JSC Knife #343(a) - The Acanthus

I selected classic materials for a Samic-inspired hunting knife; reindeer antler and hide matched with a large blade. I entered the knife in the Ludvika Show in 2019 and took home a second prize in the “Half Horn” class.

Knife blade: Stainless steel RWL34. Length 9.5 cm.
Metal grinder: Jørn Sønderskov Christensen, Denmark
Knife handle: Mazur birch, engraved reindeer horn
Knife sheath: Semi-tanned reindeer hide and engraved reindeer horn
Date created: June 2019
Item identifier: Model no. 343

This knife is FOR SALE, please contact me for details.