Elegant Reindeer

Sometimes simply going though the workshop and sorting supplies will reveal the perfect design idea for a custom knife, which was the case with the “Elegant Reindeer” hunting knife that won 2nd prize in the Open Class at Knivtræf I Nord, 2017.

JSC Knife #308(a) - Elegant Reindeer

I had discovered a piece of reindeer horn plus reindeer hide and quickly settled on a hunting knife with a distinct Samic design. The horn was split and glued so delicately that it was almost impossible to spot the connection; the subsequent engraving would hide the assembly line. The simple stainless steel blade combined with rare reindeer materials create the perfect backdrop for unique artistry.

Certain limitations apply when working with natural and rare materials like horn: it’s difficult to correct errors, and you cannot bend or stretch the horn into a new shape. You must simply work with what is in front of you and allow the materials to reveal the ultimate shape.

Knife blade: Stainless steel RWL34. Length 9.5 cm.
Metal grinder: Jørn Sønderskov Christensen.
Knife handle: Engraved reindeer horn.
Knife sheath: Semi-tanned reindeer hide and engraved reindeer horn.
Date created: April 2017
Item identifier: Model no. 308

This knife is FOR SALE, please contact me for details.