The Eagle

A simple protective sheath barely reveals the tip of a bird beak scrimshawed onto the reindeer horn of the knife’s handle; a second bird is placed on the back. 23 cm. long.

JSC Knife #367(c) - The Eagle

North of my home town is an eagle and falcon nursery with rare birds, mostly Danish sea eagles and dark-feathered falcons. The beautiful location and the majestic birds inspired me to scrim the head of a white American sea eagle. 

I decided to place the sea eagle in full color on the front side of the knife and the ornate hawk eagle on the back. The challenge was to make the design without too many straight lines; the birds are better presented surrounded by curved materials. 

A thin piece of aluminum was chosen to frame the reindeer horn. A suitable forged damask pattern blade was combined with white reindeer horn and a curly piece of  masur birch. The sheath design is simple but adequately covers the knife.

Knife blade: Pattern forged steel. Length 9 cm.
Black smith: Jørgen Hansen, Denmark
Knife handle: Masur birch, aluminum and reindeer horn with scrimshaw
Knife sheath: Semi-tanned hide, silver
Date created: July 2020
Item identifier: Model no. 367

This knife is FOR SALE, please contact me for details.