This custom knife – named “Morten” after the Norwegan metal smith Morten Håkonsen—was a unique opportunity to experiment with a variety of materials to best complement the striking blue-tinted knife blade.

JSC Knife #316(b) - Morten

The final choice of materials for the knife handle was limited to blue-tinted Brazilian rosewood burl, aluminum spacer, and stabilized mammoth tusk. The result is a bold look that highlights the unique color and metalwork of the blade.

Knife blade: Forged carbon steel with pattern. Heat treated. Length 7 cm.
Blacksmith: Morten Håkonsen, Norway
Knife handle: Brazilian rosewood burl, aluminum, spacer, and blue stabilized mammoth tusk
Knife sheath: Compressed leather, blue stabilized mammoth buttons and silver
Date created: August 2017
Item identifier: Model no. 316

This knife is FOR SALE, please contact me for details.