Deer Hunter

This custom deer hunting knife was a unique challenge. The goal was to create a cohesive design—with the entire handle looking as if it was made from a single material—combined with the practicality of a traditional and highly functional hunting tool.

JSC Knife #288(c) - Deer Hunter

For the assignment I selected a piece of beech wood with a delicate touch of rot; the color perfectly matched the pieces of mammoth tusk I had in stock. The leather sheath was dyed to complete the uniform look and I incorporated a stamped pattern known as an American folding design. No more ornamentation was required and the look is unique yet simple.

Knife blade: Damascus Björkman Twist pattern. Length 9.5 cm.
Metal grinder: Jørn Sønderskov Christensen.
Knife handle: Beech with rot and mammoth tusk.
Knife sheath: Compressed leather.
Date created: April 2015
Item identifier: Model no. 288