Dark Mammoth

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JSC Knife #307(b) - Dark Mammoth

This folding knife was a custom creation for a knife-making colleague. The idea was to create a compact folding knife with a slip joint locking system so the user would be in compliance with the Danish legal regulations for pocket knives.

For decoration I surrounded the border of the knife handle with a delicate engraving pattern consisting of small half-circles, triangles, and dots that together resembled graphic flowers. In the middle of the handle I engraved two small figures. Tying it all together is a very thin engraved line placed one millimeter from the edge of the handle.

The unique Damascus steel knife blade has a beautiful rose pattern that complements the rare mammoth tusk material and the intricate engraving. All put together, the knife and sheath present an example of simple, functional, and high-quality artistry.

Knife blade: Stainless Damascus steel in rose pattern. Length 7 cm.
Metal grinder: Jørn Sønderskov Christensen.
Knife handle: Mammoth tusk with engravings.
Knife liners: Titanium with filing detail.
Knife spring: Stainless steel 12C27
Knife sheath: Compressed leather.
Date created: March 2015
Item identifier: Model no. 307